fate loves the fearless
love amour liefde Grá αγάπη kärlek حب~ 爱

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Jelly jelly jelly jelly fish 🐙
My hand looks like a nugget and @jstan87 is laughing at me for taking selfies 🙈 (at Monterey Bay Aquarium)
Heads up 🌲 cc: @Phl1k
Today I hit 1,000,000 subscribers and my cabin surprised me with a party and I can’t even express how much you guys mean to me. I’ve spent 5 days in a cabin full of subscribers and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You guys are my best friends. Thank YOU
🎶 don’t you forget about me 🎶
Mirrored sunnies are cool cause they expose my real selfie ✌️

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